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ADOPTION INFORMATIONBecause we work primarily with feral cat colonies, we do relatively few adoptions (at least compared to many groups our size). One advantage is that we can be flexible. Our adoptable cats and kittens reside in volunteers' homes and in adoption cages at our vets. For the most part, each volunteer and vet hospital has their own adoption criteria and procedures. Some things we all agree on are that cats should be treated as beloved family members, that very young kittens do not belong in homes with toddlers, that cats should reside indoors, and that they should receive regular veterinary care. If you are a renter, we will of course want to make sure you are allowed to have a cat (or cats) under your lease. All volunteers and most vets charge an adoption fee to make sure the cat/kitten is not resold for research. Beyond the basics, it is up to each volunteer or hospital to do whatever is necessary to satisfy themselves that the cat/kitten will be cared for and cherished. Our priority is making sure, to the extent humanly possible, that the cat/kitten will never need to be rescued again and will receive whatever care it may need through its life.  All cats we place have been tested for FELV and FIV, altered, vaccinated for distemper and rabies (unless too young), and most have been microchipped.  Where necessary, they have been treated for worms, fleas, etc. Also where necessary they have had dental work done. The adoption fee includes registering the microchip and all veterinary work done through the date of the adoption